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Level 2 Single-Sided Comp Cards

Double-Sided Comp Cards - One Theme/Matching

Double-Sided Comp Cards - Two Themes/Different Sides

Photo Backers

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Digital Portfolios

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❀Comp cards, Photo Backers, Ports & Series will be formatted perfectly to an 8 x10 for easier printing without any of the pictures/words getting cut off. However, if you prefer a different size, such as 8 x 10, you must let me know BEFORE the process begins.  I can edit them to whatever size you need to print if you let me know up front :) Once I compress them to a .jpg file, I may not be able to resize them successfully. In the event that I cannot (in most cases I can), you are responsible for the purchase of another one if I have to recreate it from the start

❀Turnaround time is relatively quick, approximately 3-4 business days . (This is from the day you have sent payment and pictures to the day you receive your proof to review).If you need your order completed sooner than this, than you have the option of choosing my rush service, as listed on the site. Make sure to ALWAYS ask what current turnaround time is, as this is subject to change on a daily basis depending on # of orders received. 

❀For any photos submitted, you must be authorized to provide them to me, as I will not be held responsible for an copyright infringement allegations.

❀  Photos submitted to me via email MUST be sent as a zip file OR several pictures attached to an email (up to 25 MB per email allowed is pretty standard) . I'm not familiar with all the different email types out there, but on several I have seen that they do give you the option of attaching a zip file that you create on your computer or allow you to attach multiple pictures. I WILL NOT accept multiple emails sent with only one pictures attached per email OR links that take me to another site to download pictures individually. 

❀Make sure to  submit child's full name (as you would like on the card/banner), date of birth(or age), and hair and eye color, as well as any other info you would like on the card.

Original file for professional pictures/amateur pictures are suggested for optimal quality (AT LEAST 1000KB/1MB AND 1024 x 1280). While I am able to work with files smaller than this, do know that the quality of the photos submitted to me will determine the overall quality of the product. I DO NOT guarantee the print quality of products that include pictures sent over as low resolution or low quality (i.e. poor lighting, shadows, improper background & so forth). 

**NOTE**  Pictures that are under 1MB (1000KB) in size or are otherwise determined to be poor quality, grainy, or to have poor lighting, will not be able to be used as a cut-out picture. These are extremely difficult to 'cut-out' because when I zoom in, they become very pixelated. Pictures that I consider to be 'borderline' may incur an additional charge depending on how difficult it will
be to 'cut-out'. If you are not sure or want me to check, I will be MORE than happy to check out the pictures before the transaction is made :)


❀Photos that are copies from another website or from low to mid-range quality cameras, may appear pixelated when printed (even though it may appear to be ok on your screen), this is why original files from your memory card or a professional photographer, for example, are highly suggested. I can work with low resolution pictures, however, do know that this may affect overall quality of the printed product. Even high resolution files sent using a non-professional camera can appear distorted when printed or zoomed in on. 

❀Final products will be e-mailed to you in the form of a high resolution, digital file, ready for you to print. If you are in need of professional quality lab printing services, please check out Comp Cards & More link for more information and Pricing for their prices. Products that are constructed by me and mailed to you, please make note, I am not a professional in physical the construction of designs, such as assembling pop up cards, just the artwork I design. The cost for this assembly is low because it is being done to the best of my amateur abilities. 

❀ If you purchase a banner, you are able to receive a banner code free of charge. Please make sure to inform me of the purpose of the banner (placement on a message board, Facebook, Myspace, etc.) so that I may send you correct code. I DO NOT post the banners online for you, however if you prefer me to, I can do so for a small fee. Also, banners are created for online purposes only; therefore, when they are sent to you, they will not be high enough quality to print, but they will be high enough quality to look great online :) If you are looking for something that needs to be printed, please check out what I have to offer. 

I reserve the right to display any comp cards I have created to demonstrate and advertise examples of my work. If you are needing me to hold off on posting the example due to an upcoming pageant, I completely understand :) Just let me know :)

 ❀ All orders placed through me will leave me under the impression that you have read my policy & information and agree with what I have stated here.This is to ensure that both parties are on the same page :) 

If you have questions, please feel free to ask before placing an order.


A rough draft proof will be sent to you for review. At this time, any suggestions need to be made regarding background and picture layout and the comp can be adjusted. Once this preview has been approved, any changes to background or picture layout will incur a fee.
Next, you will receive a final preview which will have cut-out pictures cleaned up around the edges, boxed pictures will be framed & text and graphics will be added. At this time, you are FULLY responsible for checking the spelling of your child's name & stats. They can be corrected
Once you have given me the 'OK' from the final preview, I flatten the image to a .jpg file to send to you. Once it has been flattened, I will no longer be able to edit the product, so if there are any changes needing to be done after that, you will be responsible for the cost of remaking it. 

 I highly suggest reading all of the information the other links on the left-hand side of the website.