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Product Questions

  1. What is a comp card and what is it used for?

    Comp cards are basically a collage of strategically-placed pictures of your child to show different sides of their personality. The ones you see most on display are typically used for pageants, if they offer this category, and usually include your child's name, date of birth/age, hair color and eye color.

    Modeling agencies/ casting calls typically require a different kind of comp card. This typically does not contain any cutouts and is very simple in design & picture placement.

  2. What is a photo backer?

    A photo backer is designed to slip behind your photo (considering you are using a photo protector) to display the child's name & age/age division/birthdate. This looks more professional and is greatly appreciated by judges.

    It is a creative and eye-catching alternative to just leaving the white-side of the photo paper exposed & having to stick a ghastly post-it note on the back with your child's information. Post-it notes can easily fall off & be misplaced.

  3. What would I use a banner for?

    You can use it for many different things. For example, if you want to wish your child or someone a happy birthday online, these are perfect & really stand out! You can also use banners to advertise items you have for sale or your business, as well as for congratulations, thank yous, or anything else you can possibly think of.

  4. What kind and how many pictures should I send?

    -------------------------------WHAT SIZE & QUALITY?

    Ideal pictures would be clear & from either a professional (d)slr or decent point-and-shoot camera. For optimal quality, it is best to send pictures that are over 1000KB/1MB in size. Anything smaller than that can be used, however, the quality may not be as good as if it were the original file.You may notice this difference when you print your product.

    Pictures that you have saved to your computer, from a website, like Facebook, onto your computer typically will be VERY low quality.When printed, these pictures will be VERY pixelated and blurry.

    Also, pictures done at various photo studios, such as Portrait Innovations, where they provide you a disc of your pictures, are NOT the original files. These are purposely saved at a low quality so that they give you a reason to return and print through them instead. Again, I can use these pictures, however, the quality will not be at its highest.

    The best pictures will be from professional cameras/photographers who are willing to provide you the originals. Please make sure you have been given permission to use these pictures, as I WILL NOT be held liable if a copyright issue arises, nor will I tolerate an angry photographer. 

    If you have a decent camera, pictures right off of your memory card will be the right quality specifications. PLEASE NOTE - just because you have taken the pictures & submitted them to me straight from the memory card DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the pictures will be 'good quality'. For example, if you took the picture and the lighting was poor or inappropriate, there was shakiness or movement when the picture was being taken or if your lens did not properly focus, the picture may be compromised.

    Please refer to your camera's manual or online resources to determine how to take the best quality pictures with your camera.

    -------------------------------HOW MANY & HOW DO I CHOOSE?

    Please refer to the product descriptions to see how many pictures you are allowed to have. Once you have determined this, it is a good idea to send a mixture of glitz/natural headshots, half-body, and full-body pictures. Unless you are doing a series, generally most judges prefer each picture to be in a different outfit and that the child show a variety of facial expressions & movement. I understand sometimes it is not always possible to have that many pictures with different outfits/facial expressions. Like with any product, always send your absolute favorite pictures that you feel will best portray your child's personality on paper.

  5. How do I know if I need an 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11?

    You should consult with the director of the pageant for this answer, as every pageant and director is different.

    Please know that if you do not specify that you need it cropped to an 8.5 x 11, it will AUTOMATICALLY be cropped to an 8x10.This is because most local printing places (if you choose to not have it printed by me), do not print in the 8.5 x 11 size.

    Once the picture is compressed to a .jpg file (this enables me to send it to you via e-mail), very rarely can I re-crop successfully without appearing distorted.

    It is YOUR responsibility to let me know what size you need it in because if I have to start over again, you will be responsible for purchase of another card(s). 

  6. What is your turnaround time?

    Typically 2-5 business days.

    However, in it possible for your product to be completed within 1-2 days depending on the number of orders I have at that moment.

    Do know that if you need your product sooner, I offer rush-services on the 'ORDER FORM' page that you can select.

    If you have an order with multiple products, that may affect the time frame.

    If I have a large number of orders I'm working on with several other clients, this may affect time frame as well.

    Always ask me what my current turnaround is at the moment and be aware of your own deadline so that you don't run out of time. :)

  7. How do I receive the finished product?

    You will receive two proofs/preview & the final product via your e-mail address. When you receive your proofs/previews, they will purposely have a watermark & be low-resolution.

    When you receive your FINAL COPY, it is high-resolution ready for you to print. If you desire professional lab printing through me, check out the 'Pricing & Printing' page for prices.

  8. What if I change my mind on the layout or the pictures I want on my card/banner/photobacker.

    You are first sent a rough draft proof for you to review. At this time, you will only see the background chosen & the layout of the pictures. The cutout pictures, more than likely, will NOT be cleaned up around the edges and the framed pictures will not be framed. There may/may not be graphics present at this time and text will not be on there.

    The purpose of the rough draft preview is to demonstrate background design & picture layout. At this time you are able to make a ONE TIME suggestion towards a different background, as well as suggestions towards the placement of the photos or if you needed to have some swapped out. After you have moved past the rough draft preview, you will not be able to have changes made to the background, pictures, or layout without incurring a fee.

    The second preview you will receive is the final preview. Here, the cutout pictures will have smoothed-out edges, the framed pictures will be framed, and the graphics & text will be on it. At this time, any suggestions need to be made ONLY ONE TIME for MISSPELLED WORDS or incorrect text. I will not be held responsible if you did not catch any misspelled words/incorrect text.

    Please understand that I carefully digitally 'cut' the picture out to ensure top quality, which is VERY time consuming.

    Once you have given me the 'OK' in it, I flatten the image to a .jpg file to send to you. Once it has been compressed, I will no longer be able to edit the product, so if there are any changes needing to be done after that, you will be responsible for the cost of remaking it.

  9. What if I decide I do not want a comp card/banner/ photo backer or no longer need one?

    There are NO refunds, especially if I have already begun to work on the product.

    If I haven't started on your product yet, then I can give you store-credit for future use. Your store credit is only good for up to 3 months after date the money was first received.

    If you have store-credit with me, it is your responsibility to keep track of when it will expire.

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  1. How do I print my product?

    You can either print at home, locally or through various printing websites. I also offer professional lab printing services (listed on the 'PRINTING & PRICING' page). The lab printing provides better printing quality with professional photo paper. This is MUCH better than what is offered at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc.

  2. What sizes can I have printed?

    If you have a size in mind, please run it by me and I will let you know. I can print in most popular sizes through the professional photo lab. Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to know what sizes you can have printed if you choose to print at home, locally, or online.

  3. How much is printing?

    Please click on the PRINTING & PRICING page for prices.

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Retouching & Editing

  1. Do you do glitz retouching?

    Yes. I currently have someone who does this type of retouching contracted through me. You are afforded the low prices that are offered because she is still refining her techniques. Do know that most of the high-end glitz retouchers charge well over $100 per glitz retouch and this most times does NOT include the photo session.

  2. What kind of retouching do you do?

    Natural & Glitz. Please check out the Photo Retouching Page for more information

  3. How much do you charge for retouching?

    It depends on what needs to be done. You are always free to send me a photo and tell me what you are looking at having done and I can let you know if I can do it and what it would cost. Prices may vary according to the quality of the photo you send in.

    Also, please check out the Printing & Pricing page for prices of retouching that is offered.

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Discount/Coupon Codes

  1. I purchased a product during a "special" and got a discount. Do I have to have the product created at that time?

    No, you are more than welcome to have me create the product anytime between then & up to 6 months after the last day that special was ran.

  2. I purchased a product during a "special" and got a discount. Will the discount expire?

    Customers are more than welcome to purchase advanced products during discount/'specials' periods, however, these advanced purchases made during these 'specials' expire 6 months after the last day of that special. For example, if the special was run from August 1-August 5th, it would expire 6 months from August 5th, even though you may have purchased it August 1st.


    If you are wanting to ever buy products in advance, not during a 'special' or at a discounted rate, those purchases will expire after one year from the day of purchase.



  3. My child received a discount card with a code to be used from a pageant they participated in. Do those expire?

    They typically expire within 6 months from the date of that pageant. In order to receive the discount within that time frame, you must fill out the order form and enter in at the bottom the exact code printed on that discount card. Some directors purchase pageant discount cards that have different expiration dates. Some are sooner than 6 months and some may be longer than 6 months. I will be able to determine it easily from the code you enter in on the order form.

  4. I purchased a product during a "special" and got a discount. Will you remind me to use it?

    No. It is your responsibility to keep track of dates your discounted purchases expire. If you are ever unsure when the expiration date is, please feel free to contact me and I will be able to find out for you. Most expiration dates are 6 months from the last day the special ran, unless stated otherwise.

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