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          Comp Cards by Christine

**PLEASE READ** Due to upcoming surgery & the time needed to recover, I will not be accepting any orders until August 2017, possibly sooner. Sorry for the inconvenience! Updates will be posted here 

Tips on How to Place an Order:


1. Look at the examples under the 'Comp Cards & More' link to your left and the examples I have on my public Facebook page: 


and decide what kind of product and design you are wanting. This is very important! 

2. Make sure to read all of the information throughout the links on the left-hand side. I understand it is a lot of information but trust me, it will make the process much easier for you in the end.

Here you will learn about what kind and how many pictures to send, what product(s) meets your needs, pricing & printing options, & much more. 

3. Look at the quality of the pictures you have. Are they over 1MB (1000KB)? We're they taken professionally? If they were taken professionally, did the photographer provide you with the originals and full rights to them?

If you took them, how is the lighting? Shadows? Camera Quality? Pictures that are low in quality may not be suitable for use with these products. Pictures low in quality most times yield low-quality prints. WARNING: Pictures copied from Facebook or websites WILL be low quality.

Other sources of low quality/resolution pictures can be cell phones, screenshots, and cheap cameras. I will be more than happy to review your pictures before the transaction is made.Pictures that are deemed poor quality/resolution WILL NOT be used as a cutout. If it is necessary that it be used as a cutout, you will incur an additional fee because it is more difficult to do. 

4. Decide what size product you need. Sometimes pageants/agencies require certain sizes (Ex. 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11). A director/agent/agency should be consulted if it is not stated upfront on your paperwork from them. 

5. Decide if you will print your product or if you need to place an order through the professional lab services I offer. Paper options and prices are listed under 'Pricing & Printing' on the left-hand side. There are several different shipping options as well to be reviewed. 

6. Know your deadline! This is very crucial. Preview turnaround times can range between 2-4 business days typically. However, this is subject to change on a daily basis depending on the # of orders & have & the size of them. If you are needing your order printed & shipped, this is also something you should factor in to your time frame.

I do offer rush services, as listed on the 'Pricing & Printing' page. It is important to ask me what the current turnaround time is to make sure it works with your deadline.  

7.  When you are ready, you may place an order by clicking on the 'Order Form' link on the left-hand side. Have a discount ? Make sure to enter in the code at the bottom of the form. Most codes expire after 6 months and most advance purchases of products during discount/special periods also expire after 6 months from last day that particular special was ran. 

8. Once Order Form is received by me, you will receive an invoice within 1-3 business days and a request for pictures via the email address you provide me. 

9. When paying for your order, you are able to review the invoice BEFORE you send any money. Please make sure everything is correct before making a payment. The only form of payment accepted at this time is Paypal. The invoice will take you straight there to complete the transaction. 

10. Once the Order Form, pictures & payment in full has been received by me, you will be placed on the schedule. If any of those are missing, you will NOT be placed on the books until they are received.

When emailing pictures, make sure you are sending them as either a zip file or up to 25MB per email.DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS WITH ONLY ONE PICTURE IN EACH EMAIL. This is incredibly time consuming for me to download each picture individually and will greatly prolong the process. If this is done, you may be asked to re-send the pictures to me

Make sure you have a subject heading for each email so I know what it contains (this is especially crucial when you are sending pictures for multiple orders or for multiple children).

Example 1: ' Comp Card Pictures for Ali'

Example 2: ' Digital Portfolio Pictures for Suzy'

Make sure that the pictures you are sending are from your computer, thumb drive, external hard drive, memory card, cd, etc. I will NOT accept links to online albums, such as Picasa, Shutterfly, etc. or sites such as Drop File, YouSendIt, etc. because these may not be the same quality that you uploaded them as.

11. You will next receive a ROUGH DRAFT preview at about the date quoted to you for your preview turnaround to your email. Please note, this preview is designed to demonstrate picture layout & background choice. It is your responsibility at this time to decide, one time, if you want to change the background/picture layout.

Once this preview has been approved by you, any changes needing to be made to it later will be subject to a fee. There is typically few to no graphics, no text (name/stats), framed pictures or clean edges for the 'cut-out' pictures at this time. Again, this preview is mainly to demonstrate background & layout.

12. If any changes were needing to be made, these changes will be visible on the FINAL DRAFT preview. At this time, graphics will be present (if not present during the first draft), name & stats will be added, as well as frames to square pictures & the 'cut-outs' will have smooth, clean edges.

It is YOUR responsibility to check the product thoroughly for areas needing MINOR revision (not to include background change or picture layout) and misspelled words. If you need to change background, picture layout, or are requesting MAJOR revisions, you are subject to additional fees, sometimes the cost of another product to cover the extra time and effort required on my end. 

13. Once the FINAL DRAFT preview has been approved, it is converted to a .jpg file and sent as a FINAL COPY without watermark & set at high resolution. It is now ready for you to print :D If you placed a print order through me, the order will be sent to the lab at this time.

Note - Delays from awaiting your approval of the product(s) at either review or if your product required major revisions, will cause delays in the receipt of your product.


I hope you find this to be very helpful. I have several other areas covered in the 'Question & Answer' section. The link is found on the left-hand side.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message via the 'Contact Me' link. 

 I look forward to working with you real soon!





If you are a business/pageant director/photographer/etc..please check out the new 'For Businesses and Agencies' page for new deals for you!


The Pop-Up Composite Card

 Double-sided comp card BOOKS with an inside that has a pop up with your child's picture that pops out when opened and the background is a very detailed digital series of your child! VERY VERY cool!! An example of this is now available on my Facebook page! These go anywhere for $200-$300!!! But not here! Pricing starts at $75! This will surprise and WOW WOW WOW the judges at ANY pageant and are in HIGH DEMAND!!!


Personalized portfolio books! Not liking the way it looks when you put your child's pictures in just a plain binder and those clear insert sheets? Pictures now up on my FB page! I will personalize these and they will certainly catch the eye of every judge at your next pageant because it won't just blend in & it will look MORE professional :) I've made one for my dd & judges LOVE it!

Click here to check it out!



I specialize in the creation of pageant comp cards & collages, photo retouching & editing, photo backers, multi-purpose online banners (to include, but not limited to, congratulations, birthdays, advertisements for child or pageant system, advertisements to display your items for sale, business/logo advertisements etc...) and more!!

In addition to my products, I also offer a quick turnaround and provide you the option of professional lab printing. 

I also choose pageants/events/businesses, on a quarterly basis, that benefit a special cause, and donate proceeds made from sales during a given time period. If you are a legitimate pageant/business that is interested in being chosen, please let me know! 

About me.................

I've always been a fast-learner when it comes to computers and software. I've always enjoyed editing my own family's pictures and never thought I would be doing this professionally. When I needed a comp card done for my daughter, I browsed several sites looking for the "right one". However, the prices were out of our budget. It was at that moment that I decided that I could do what they do and also save money. Since the pageant and business world has proven to be expensive, I strive to offer pageant and business necessities at low, competitive rates. 

While I have yet to master my photo editing software in its entirety, what I've done up until now has proven to be successful. My comp cards have won at the local, state, and national level and are on their way to the international level.